Star of the Sea’s Monstrance

As the legend goes, monstrances were created during the medieval times to display the physical remains or personal effects of a revered religious member.

Many Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, and Anglican churches use monstrances to display the consecrated Eucharistic host.

This monstrance came to Biro & Sons from the Star of the Sea Catholic Church on Geary Boulevard in San Francisco. It was made in Germany, sometime in the 1890s, and has been a part of the church for years.

“When we got the piece in it needed complete restoration and gold plating,”  explains Rick Biro.

“It’s incredibly intricate, and we had to be extremely careful while we were taking it apart. I took notes along the way to make sure we were able to get it back together properly.”

A couple of weeks after the monstrance arrived it was returned in amazing condition.