Ask a Pro – What’s the Best Way to Store My Silver?

Another amazing holiday gathering with family, friends, laughter, and merriment has come and gone.

Now it’s time to clean up and store your precious dinnerware, crystal, and silver. Here’s how you can make sure your silver is ready for your next gathering.

One: Hand wash your silver carefully, making sure there is no food or soap residue left behind

Two: Give each piece a quick polish. Use polishing gloves for flatware that’s in good shape. If you see tarnish, use a little silver polish and take care of that now.

Three: Store your silver in either a silver chest lined with tarnish-resistant flannel or an inexpensive flannel bag.

We have polishing gloves, silver polish, and flannel bags that hold 12 pieces of flatware for sale in the store. Stop by if you need something, and we’ll show you how best to store your silver.