Working with Mumford Restoration

Mumford Restoration is an Expert Furniture Repair and Antique Restoration company located in Raleigh, North Carolina that has been in service since 1982. People come to Mumford Restoration looking for their knowledge in restoring delicate, sentimental items. Mumford Restoration’s area of expertise ranges from furniture repair to reupholstery to photograph restoration. But when something silver, brass, or nickel needs restoring or repairing, Mumford Restoration often consults Biro & Sons to aide in breathing life back into these plated pieces.

Bernard Mumford, founder of Mumford Restoration, had a passion in restoration and repair long before pairing with Biro & Sons. After attending his first year of college for only a couple of days, he realized his zeal for repairing antiques far exceeded his interest in academics. Luckily, Bernard had supportive parents that allowed him to use his tuition money to purchase a restoration store! Bernard has been pursuing his passion in restoring antique pieces ever since.

Some would argue that restoration is in Bernard Mumford’s blood. Therefore, it is understandable that he doesn’t place his trust in just any average restoration company to help him with the repair process. Bernard had first heard of Biro & Sons back when his company was based out of California between 1982 – 1996. Fast forward to about two years ago, Bernard was in need of some expert craftsmanship to be applied to several sentimental and seemingly unrepairable pieces that were being brought in to his shop. He was referred to Biro & Sons to get the job done, and boy were Biro & Sons able to deliver. Bernard was so pleased with the work Biro & Sons provided that he is convinced their partnership will last for a very long time.

When asked what specifically about Biro & Sons keeps Mumford Restoration invested in their partnership, Bernard first spoke about customer service. The level of customer service Biro & Sons is able to provide to both Mumford Restoration and to all of their clients is outstanding. According to Bernard, Biro & Sons’ remarkable customer service is one of the best parts about working with them. Also, Bernard says that Biro & Sons are remarkably fast at responding to work requests. Not only are they speedy at responding, but they are also fast at getting their portion of work completed within a narrow time frame. Lastly, Biro & Sons’ exceptional quality is work that Bernard is willing to stand by. When you have excellent customer service, great response time, and exceptional quality, it makes “a really great relationship,” as Bernard stated.

What’s next on the agenda for the Mumford Restoration and Biro & Sons partnership? The restoration of a Franklin Automobile. Though an exception to their regular work with Mumford Restoration, the 1907 Model D Roadster is one of the most unique items that Biro & Sons have been asked to play a role in repairing. Their scope of work for this car includes brass plating and some light repairs. Biro & Sons look forward to sharing their work on this classic car, and thank Mumford Restoration for their continued support.

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