A Designer’s Eye

Imagine having the innate ability to take one look at a room and know exactly how it should be decorated to accommodate both the space and the homeowner’s preferences. To attack such a feat would presumably take not only God-given talent but also a serious amount of knowledge and expertise. The talented handful that possesses this distinct skill set is known as interior designers.

Interior designers are equipped with both the talent and the expertise necessary to transform drab homes to fab homes. Not only do they have a magical touch, but they’re also formally educated on how to design interior spaces properly. Being a top-of-the-line interior designer requires a degree, a passing score on a national exam, and lots of man hours to prove yourself as an aesthetic genius.

Interior designers are responsible for catering to many needs during their design process, including gratifying the distinct requests of their client as well as understanding the limitations of the space they’re working with. When aiming for perfection, designers must source only the best companies and products to help make the space a masterpiece. Often, there are finishes or pieces that just aren’t available at a store but cannot be left out of a room. When situations like this arise, interior designers contact Biro & Sons to offer their one-of-a-kind knowledge and their hand-crafted touch.

Highly sought after, well-respected designers from all over the United States approach Biro & Sons to repurpose, re-plate or create special pieces entirely from scratch for the rooms they’re designing. Whether it be sconces, drawer pulls, or unique family heirlooms, designers continue to seek out Biro & Sons to help them with all of their silver needs.

Interior designer Heather Hopper worked with Biro & Sons to update light fixtures in a private home in Pebble Beach. Whether it be re-plating or refinishing, performing updates on existing silver pieces happens more often than one would think. At times like this, Biro & Sons can showcase their mastery in their trade. When speaking about the Biros’ work on the light fixtures, Heather mentioned that “…they did it amazingly well, and really fast.” 

Interior designer Michael Merrill told us that he has been “a sporadic, regular customer” of Biro & Sons and that he, “wouldn’t think of taking anything anywhere else.”

Though it is important to note that the quality of work they provide is superb, working with Biro & Sons is not only about the quality of work they do. The customer service that Biro & Sons can provide is above and beyond the rest. Regarding working directly with Biro & Sons, Stephanie of the Wiseman Design Group stated, “I like talking directly with Martin…They were able to really educate us in a way that we could educate our client on what was happening- how it could be fixed, what they could expect in the future- and he was really patient because I kept coming back to him with additional questions… It was a nice process.”

Exceptional quality and fantastic customer service bundled together is a rarity these days, but the Biro & Sons pride themselves on just how special they are. Biro & Sons are not newcomers to the silver game, and designers are well aware of the experience that the Biros bring to the table. Realizing that Biro & Sons are not only dependable but also incredibly enjoyable to work with has designers recommending Biro & Sons time and time again.