How to Polish Your Silver At Home

The holidays are upon us!

The seasons are changing, the leaves falling, and the cold weather is coming (we hope!). This means it’s time to pull out your holiday décor: table settings, wreaths, and most importantly, antique silver.

We’re betting that your silver has been in storage since the last holiday season. It’s been sitting collecting dust and dirt, all the while losing its shine that makes it so stunning.

In some cases, these pieces will require professional silversmith repair and refinishing – that’s what we’re here for – other times, all it takes is a quick polish at home.

Here’s how you do it:

#1. Use glass cleaner to remove dust and dirt.

Be sure to clean gently and dry thoroughly. You will want to remove all the dirt before you begin polishing.

#2. Apply a gentle silver polish with a soft cloth.

 Now, you’ll need to polish your silver (this should be done once a year). Make sure to use a gentle polish, like Howard’s brand, which we use here at Biro and Sons. Avoid any products that say “rinse with water immediately after use,” they contain acid and can harm your silver.

You will also want to avoid getting polish in the ornate areas. If you do, you can use a toothbrush to help get it out. And don’t worry if the cloth your using to apply polish turns black.

 #3. Use a soft towel to polish again.

The older and softer the towel, the better! Plus, the longer you go the shinier it gets.

#4. Rinse with warm water before using it. 

To avoid serving your guests anything with dust or dirt in it, be sure to rinse your silver with warm water before using it.

#5. Entertain.

Now, you are ready to entertain!

Keep an eye out for more videos on how to polish your silverware, candelabras, and more as the holiday season kicks up. You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook.