Four Considerations when Adding Silver to Your Living Space

We all have one of those friends who have that “magical eye” for interior decorating. You know the type — their homes or offices have just the right thing in the right place to make the space feel both inviting and complete.

Then there are folks like us who, try as we might, struggle with figuring it out. Maybe we put a vase on a shelf crowded with books when it should be on an entry table filled with seasonal flowers.

Listen, nobody’s perfect, and not all of us can match form with fashion to make visitors go wobbly in the knees when they walk through the door.

But, we over at Biro & Sons have some ideas about how you can add classic pieces of silver to your space to make it feel stylish and timeless.

#1. The Piece & The Room

First off, take inventory. What do you have that you absolutely LOVE and want to show off? Candelabras, candlesticks, silver frames, vases, hollowware?

Second, look around. What room are we talking about? Entryway? Dining room? Den? Office? While you can have some fun adding a classic heirloom to an office, placing a candelabra on a desk is going to be a bit off.

We love to see candelabras on tables, shelves, or mantels. Your antique hollowware would be amazing in a dining room hutch that has glass front doors.

What about that heirloom tool that dates back generations? Adding that to an office, meeting room, or den adds a touch of character and is a definite conversation starter.

#2. The Material

The next consideration is matching materials and colors to furniture finishes and paint. The key is to find areas where your silver will add a layer of beauty rather than fade into the background.

We love a silver vase on a dark wood entry table. One thing at a time is a beautiful statement. Together, they add elegance and style and set the mood for the rest of your home.

We believe it’s essential to experiment with how your silver looks when placed against different colors, especially since a polished piece will reflect color and it may change the look of your item.

Adding pieces made from brass or copper is another excellent way to add texture to your space.

The key is to look for sensible contrast. We don’t want anything to get lost in the background.

#3. The Current Condition

Obviously, we are big fans of family heirlooms and antiques. There’s a certain something special when we bring those pieces into the spotlight for all to see.

At times, though, those things need a bit of repair, restoration, or polish. (Sometimes all three!)

Take a look at what you want to add to your room. Are there dents or dings that need some attention? Would it pop more if it was professionally polished? Is a handle broken?

Taking the time to bring those things into the shop, or call us for an in-home visit, is a smart decision. The investment will increase the piece’s beauty, longevity, and usefulness. After all, the goal is to showcase your silver and not hide it from visitors.

You can read some more of our tips when evaluating your pieces in this past blog post.


#4. Desired Finish

One of the things we know for sure about interior decorating is that cohesiveness (for the most part) is important. The goal, we hear, is for thing one to compliment thing two.

That’s where the finish of your piece comes into play. Does shiny work better than patina? Play with the space. See what feels best and what makes you feel happy to walk into the room.

We cover this topic in a previous blog, but we can’t reiterate it enough — it makes sense to have the piece polished after a repair, so it looks great. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can match the finish you’re after to bring the space together.

So, pull those pieces out of the cupboard or boxes in the garage and show them off. Whichever you choose, they are bound to get the conversation going and be a standout in your space. Let us know how we can help and share the final results with us — we love seeing the outcome!