Gifting an Heirloom

Heirlooms are one of the most special gifts that can maintain and pass down for generations. They tell stories and preserve a sense of the family’s history over time. We’re here to show you a few we’ve had the pleasure of working on and a couple that are still in progress.



Jewelry is one of the most personal gifts that loved ones can share. Passing those heirlooms between generations connects them and serves as a memory keepsake.

Custom Engraving

We love this platter that was brought by a couple a week or so ago. It was given to them when they got married. One of their grandchildren is getting married, so they’ve asked us to engrave that child’s name along with their fiances so that the grandparents can give it to them as a wedding gift.

Jewelry Box

We have so many examples that it was hard to choose which one to highlight. This remains one of our favorites, and we think it’s a pretty obvious choice as to why it would be special.

Vanity Sets

If well-kept, these sets can continue to be used. If you or your loved one don’t want to use them, that’s okay too. Display them somewhere, and they are equally as beautiful. This particular set belongs to our mother, who still occasionally uses it.