Show Off Your Brass

It’s interesting to see what comes into the shop from week to week. From there, we get a sense of what people are using for decorations, table settings, for gifts.

Silver has been one of the top materials coming in over the past couple of years. These days we see more brass pieces. Candlesticks, doorknobs, lamps, light switches, home hardware, and more are hitting the workbenches for repair, restoration, and refinishing.

Brass adds rich golden colors to any room. Plus, it’s one of the more malleable materials available, so you can find locks, doorknobs, serving platters, faucets, musical instruments, buckles, and hardware made out of this metal.

Brass is an alloy, meaning it includes multiple metals. The color and appearance of pieces made out of brass are determined in part by what metals are part of that mix. An application of lacquer or paint also impacts appearance.

Also, brass is a flexible and workable material, making it a great base material for silver-plated candlesticks, tableware, vases, hardware, and even jewelry.

Repairing, restoring, and polishing brass pieces is a snap for us. We can match the look that you’re after, whether that’s enhancing the antique look or making it look brand new and shiny.

Bring your favorite brass items in, and let’s talk about it. Or drop us a line at any time.