The Beauty of Copper

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!

Okay, okay, our Paul Revere impression needs a little work, and we get it.

While our friend Paul was a well-known silversmith, we’re taking a second to talk about copper. After all, the holidays are coming up fast, and copper cookware is excellent when you’re ready to chef it up in the kitchen.

“Our Mom loved to cook with copper,” recalls Martin Biro. “We knew that anytime those pans were on the stove that something delicious was for dinner.”

Copper pots and pans are revered (last time, we promise) because copper warms quickly, heats evenly, and maintains the desired temperature. All of those factors make cooking easier, and we are here for that!

So, it’s time to pull your copper cookware out of the dusty cabinet and get it ready. Double-check that the lining — usually a non-reactive metal such as nickel or stainless steel — is in good shape.

“We have people bring in pots and pans that have been in their family for generations,” Martin says. “Some of them are using the pieces as decorations in their kitchens. Many of them want their things rehabbed. Copper is such a beautiful metal to work with that we’re excited whenever it comes across the counter.”

If copper cookware isn’t your thing, there are dozens of ways to get that warm metal into your home décor. Check out these ideas from some of our friends: