New Year, New Look.

The new year’s turn allows us to refresh and showcase our best lives. We’re not talking about getting on the treadmill, silly. We’re talking about repairing, restoring, and polishing some of our most precious things.

To see what’s possible in 2022, let’s look at what we did for our clients last year.

Home renovations

Home renovations continue to be a big part of our lives. We talk to designers or interior decorators all the time who find the perfect kitchen or bathroom hardware, but it’s in the wrong finish. We can fix that! Check out this work we did for a client, turning their favorite bath and shower knobs and faucets from yellow gold to silver.


No one wants to walk around in shoes with holes, broken laces, or (in this case) broken metal clasps clanging everywhere. We brought these beauties back to life with a little bit of repair and polish (the buckles, obviously) for our client. They’re off somewhere fantastic, we’re sure, making more memories.


Candles have a sacred and profound effect on our mood. This piece is a wall-mounted candle holder from a local church. We’ve also repaired, restored, and polished everything from heirloom candlesticks to mammoth candelabras. Let’s add some ambiance to your life.

Made from scratch

We didn’t forget the before picture for this one, because there isn’t a before in this case! One of our longtime customers couldn’t find a screw with closures that worked with one of their special items, so we milled this screw for them from scratch.

Start 2022 off on the best foot, bath, candlestick as possible. Give us a call, stop by, or send us an email to let us know how we can help!