Its Table Setting Season!

A wise man once said, stick to what you know. That person probably wrote it better, but that philosophy has kept us busy and sane over the past 40-plus years.

To that end, we’ve turned to some creative sorts to help us help you dress up your tabletops with silver, brass, copper, and gold. After all, it’s the time of the year when friends and family will be coming over to celebrate.

The folks at showcase 17 (that’s right, 17) ways you can use copper to accent, decorate, and make your home stand out during the holiday season and beyond. We love how brass warms up any space, and these are great ideas.

Silver, of course, is our main thing, and Evolution Home shows several different ways to highlight silver in your home, from adding a splash of silver to your mantel to ideas that take a bit more craftiness.

Pro tip — if you’re looking for help in using brass as a centerpiece, look for a company that has ‘brass’ in its name! Bindle & Brass shows how you can bring a mixture of old, new, industrial, and natural into some unique, festive centerpieces.

Absolutely impossible to write about home decorating without checking in with the queen — Martha Stewart. Head over to the Google machine and type in “martha stewart holiday decorating ideas.” You’ll get about 6,080,000 results in 0.63 seconds.

We don’t have the space to run down all those ideas — trust us, there are some great ones — but we love this article on that talks about using heirloom and new pieces to set a memorable scene.

There’s still time to bring in your favorite things for a bit of repair, polish, or restoration. Give us a call, stop by, or send us an email to let us know how we can help!