Welcome To The Team, Reggie

With a remarkable 42 years of experience in silversmithing, Reggie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Reggie Salsberry

We are thrilled to warmly welcome Reggie Salsberry, our newest addition to the Biro & Sons family! With a remarkable 42 years of experience in metalworking, Reggie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Reggie’s silversmithing career began in 1981 when his passion for the craft ignited a lifelong dedication. When asked why he does it, Reggie simply states, “I like it, I like doing it.” Reggie’s straightforward work ethic shines through in every piece he restores and polishes.

Throughout his career, Reggie has showcased his skills across various projects. Reggie’s craftsmanship is multifaceted, from semiconductor components to show-class car parts and intricate jewelry cases. One of his standout achievements includes the restoration of a beautiful Bentley in the 1980s, where he meticulously polished the grill and gold-plated both the grill and bumpers to perfection.

Reggie’s journey has taken him across different landscapes, from his early days in Oakland to ventures in Texas and Palo Alto. After starting in Oakland in 1981, Reggie ventured to Texas, specializing in chrome work for truck wheels and gas tanks. In 1992, he went to Palo Alto, where he worked on semiconductors until 2019, further expanding his repertoire of skills and experiences.

We are honored to have Reggie in San Francisco, bringing his unique expertise to our team at Biro & Sons. With his passion, dedication, and decades of experience, we appreciate that Reggie will continue to restore exceptional heirlooms that reflect the craftsmanship of Biro and Sons.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Reggie as we begin this exciting new chapter!

Welcome aboard, Reggie!

Warm regards,

The Biro & Sons Team