Preserving Tradition: Keepsakes That Unite Us

From the cherished keepsake of a silver baby’s rattle to a set of wedding silver, this metal has a unique way of connecting us. Silver pieces are often passed down from generation to generation, carrying a legacy of love and prosperity. Let’s explore some gifts and traditions with silver — old and new, that bind families together.

The Love Spoon: Silver Teaspoons for New Brides

The silver spoon is a highly historic and symbolic item. Historically, love spoons have been a Welsh courtship tradition since 1667. The perspective suiter would carve a spoon out of a piece of wood to signify his love and intention of marriage. Over the years, these spoons have become more intricate, with silver replacing wood. Now, silver spoons are not only a symbol of romantic love but a meaningful gift to mark life events such as marriage. It is common now for a family’s silver spoon to be passed down to a bride to symbolize new beginnings and the enduring love of her family as she embarks on this new journey of marriage.  

The Baby Rattle: Silver Gifts For Christenings

 Silver baby rattles have long been a traditional gift to give at christenings. Sterling silver gifts symbolize stability, protection, and good fortune. Originally, this was a gift given by godparents who acted as “sponsors” on behalf of the baby. The tradition began very early but became popular in the 15th century in Europe when silver was the currency. Giving a baby a silver gift such as a rattle was seen as an investment in the child and had the practical application of keeping the child healthier. Silver has long been known to have antibacterial properties, and babies with silver gifts, such as rattles, had better health. Silver baby rattles are now a popular and common gift to be passed down from generation to generation. Silver baby rattles are beautiful and symbolize a family’s support for the new child.

Candlesticks: A Silver Gift For A Well-Lit New Home

Silver candlesticks are an incredibly important gift in Jewish households. Many holidays in the Jewish calendar utilize candles, and while color is not significant, silver candlesticks have become a staple in most households due to their beauty. The tradition of giving candlesticks as a gift to a newly married couple has been around for centuries. This gift is often given to those setting up a new home to signify comfort and warmth. Since silver is incredibly durable, these candlesticks are usually passed down through the family from mother to daughter to bless the house. 

Crosses: Silver Gifts For Faith and Protection

Gifting silver crosses is not just for warding off vampires but also for symbolizing faith and guidance. A  silver cross is a universal sign of Christian faith, usually gifted at baptisms, first communions, and confirmations. They come in various styles and designs and are a tangible reminder of one’s beliefs. Gifting a cross to a loved one is one of the oldest traditions. The tradition of passing a cross down through the generations has become a beautiful way to connect with family history and strengthen the bonds of faith within a family. 

A Coin: A Silver Seafaring Gift For the Superstitious

For thousands of years, sailors carrying silver coins have been a time-honored seafaring tradition. Silver was believed to possess protective properties, warding off evil and ensuring safe passage for ships. Because sailors are highly superstitious, many would attach these coins to the masts of ships to bring them good luck. As the tradition continued, sailors kept a silver coin in their pockets to protect themselves. Today, silver coins are given as gifts to new sailors or those embarking on significant voyages, symbolizing good luck and protection. Many are passed down through generations of maritime families and are treasured keepsakes with rich histories.

Pens: Silver Writing Instruments to Celebrate Skill

Silver pens hold a special place as timeless symbols of knowledge, achievement, and personal expression. In the 19th and 20th centuries, pens were a common gift to symbolize honoring education and creativity. Receiving a silver pen has been associated with significant life milestones such as graduation, promotions, and retirement. The passing down of a pen has remained a significant tradition that reinforces the values of perseverance, intellect, and dedication. Now, silver pens are passed down from generation to generation, connecting families through the written word.

Charm Bracelets: The Legacy of Silver Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet can be a chronicle of a woman’s life through jewelry. Each charm symbolizes significant life events, personal achievements, and cherished memories. Charm bracelets have been around since ancient Egypt. One of their main purposes was identifying people to the gods in the afterlife. However, what we consider modern charm bracelets became popular in the age of Queen Victoria due to the famous jewelry company Tiffany & Co. opening the same year she became queen. The bracelets became known for their sentimental nature and the tradition of adding new charms over time to celebrate milestones. They are often passed down from mother or grandmother to daughter now, and each charm can be a document of personal and family history.

Silverware: The Borrowing Tradition of Family Silver

By the 18th century, mass-producing dining utensils were becoming more available and affordable. Wood utensils were being replaced in middle and upper-class families, and things like silver tea sets and silver utensils were seen as showpieces. While silverware is used as a general term, actual utensils made of real silver are usually only brought out at certain times. Silverware plays a symbolic role in maintaining legacy and celebrating traditions like weddings, graduations, and holidays in many tight-knit communities. It is common for neighbors to present a couple with their own set of silver as a gift for significant milestones like marriage. In some neighborhoods, families have exchanged unique pieces of silverware they have acquired for decades to mark special occasions. This tradition underscores the shared values and close bonds within a community. 

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