Meet the Artisans at R.J. Leahy

We’re so proud to be part of the artisan community and love shining a spotlight on our fellow artisans. Please meet R.J. Leahy Company, a San Francisco survivor.

Gifting an Heirloom

Passing on an heirloom is an emotional experience, we help make it beautiful.

Call one of These Four Bay Area Interior Designers

We’re obsessed with all things antique silver, but we also help clients, interior designers, and contractors with renovations. More and more people are opting for custom pieces to style their homes instead of those created in mass production. We work with interior designers who recognize the beauty of this artisan approach, and you should be working with them too. Here are four local interior designers you need to call for your next home project.

What NOT to do with your Silver after the Holidays

Truth time? We’re sad the holidays are over. Maybe even a little depressed. We’re going to miss the décor, the tree, the lights, and even the gingerbread cookies. Plus, as we put away the silver, we started to think about holidays past and big family gatherings. One way we avoid the post-holiday blues is to […]

Looking for Antique Décor Inspiration?

If you’re like us, you’re probably always looking for new and fun ways to use your antique silver. We just need a little inspiration from time to time (and a reason to look at beautiful antique-filled homes). That’s why we follow these six lifestyle Instagram accounts and you should too.

Five Tips for Antiquing this Holiday Season

It’s been a long year for us treasure hunters, bound to the house when hidden gems are out there just waiting for us. We miss antiquing and finding those historical masterpieces that have a story yearning to be told. So, as life starts to get back to normal (kind of), we’re pulling our treasure hunter […]